Frequently Asked Questions

No, MetPac-SA is a Producer Responsibility Organisation that represents the metal packaging industry in SA on matters related to Extended Producer Responsibility.

2022 was the first year of mandatory the EPR in South Africa. Implementing EPR requires collective efforts across the value chain. MetPac-SA has engaged in partnerships with collectors, recyclers, social enterprises and working groups (including producers) to start the journey.

A few challenges have emerged in terms of implementing the EPR, for example the difference in opinion between the various PROs regarding where the EPR fee should be levied in the supply chain. This has led to PROs discussing different payment structures for the companies that have been registered with them as producers.

Many opportunities are emerging for producers, specifically in terms of seeing where and how product designs can be improved, particularly for packaging that is incurring higher EPR levies. There is an incentive to rethink the circularity of packaging.

Producers are ready and prepared for mandatory EPR. The voluntary programmes over the years have assisted to prime many of them for the move to a more regulated space. We anticipate that the implementation will be slow and steady as the producers and PROs find the most streamlined approach in terms of EPR fees and reporting requirements.

Metals are already very well collected by waste pickers around the country. MetPac-SA will work in collaboration with the PRO Alliance.

MetPac-SA’s approach is to levy the EPR fee across the value chain and therefore has a variable fee structure. Raw material has a flat fixed fee while the fee for converters or contract packers ranges (please refer to the Fees Page for the most recent EPR fees). Brand owners who source packaging from local converters and who import metal packaging are obligated parties in terms of the EPR regulations. (please refer to the Fees Page for the most recent EPR fees). Metal packaging, made from aluminium or steel, is used throughout the retail, wholesale, commercial and industrial sectors. It comes in many shapes and sizes and can package virtually any product.